Hello Lovelies,

Before I tell you the history of Ascending Priestess, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you so much!

Ascending Priestess was created in 2021. I was on a journey; one that was bulldozing its way through my life so fast I could barely keep up - it was chaotic at the time but I’m so thankful, I now refer to that part of my life as “beautifully chaotic”.

As a mom of 3, the work - life balance was so difficult to keep up with. I decided it was time to be present, time with my growing family, time to learn and grow into my own Devine feminine. I wanted to get back to the old roots & roads that our ancestors paved for us - I craved it, actually. 

I decided that now more than ever it’s important to indulge in some self-care which brought out my love for teaching, my love for creating and my love for the metaphysical world. It was a no-brainer to tie it all together and just like that; Ascending Priestess was born. 

I wanted to create products that are natural, sustainable and ethically sourced. Things to help you on your path while also, bringing you comfort & joy in a guilt free way. We thrive on the fact our products are vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic and majority of them are handmade right here in  Ottawa, ON. 

I spent hours and hours researching crystals, divination tools, herbs, tinctures, candling, history and origins, ethical practicing and harvesting as so much more, to make sure I could give YOU the best experience possible. 

I'm grateful for what Ascending Priestess has developed into today. My goal isn't just to bring you great and sustainable products; my goal is to create a community! A place we can all come together to assist you in your practice and path - whatever that means to you, I wanted a place to teach and be taught and most importantly a place to call home

Much love & Blessed be,


owner & creator

*I'm always adding new items and I taking custom orders/requests. Let’s truly experience this path together!*