Shadow Work Journal *digital/printable*

Shadow Work Journal *digital/printable*

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Get started on your Shadow work today | With hundreds of prompts, tips, tricks and note pages |
Heal those your deepest darkest parts of your humanity | Embrace the darkest parts of your mind and soul | Lay boundaries | Move forward | Forgive and Accept | Learn the history of Shadow Work

Everything you need is right at your finger tips with over 110 pages of content and hyperlinks to organize the chaos. This is the ultimate guide to self-discovery.

In case you are unsure of what shadow work is exactly it's learning to love the deepest darkest parts of your humanity. All the rejected, messy, unloveable parts of yourself and with this journal it goes into depth to understand where those came from and why.

✓ Thoughtfully designed with consumers in mind.
✓ Navigate easily through our Journal.
✓ Tips & Tricks for understanding the messy
✓ Perfect for on the go!
✓ PDF available for download.